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Tyndale Class

                          Summer Term In Tyndale

Our topic for the summer term will be the Romans. We will be learning about the chronology of the Romans and where they fit into the historical picture. We will also be looking at a number of important historical figures who shaped the years they were in power. Finally we will look in depth at new vocabulary and its meaning.




Welcome back for the Spring Term

This term in Tyndale our topic is Mighty Mountains. As part of that topic and to launch it the children have come up with lots of different interpretations of Mountains. From personal accounts of climbing mountains to making scale models of various mountains. We have also had mountain games and mountain fact files. A great start to the term with some real high quality homework.


World Book Day

This year for World Book Day the Pupil Council made the decision to do something different. Instead of dressing up as book characters the children would come in their brightest colours to represent their favourite crayon colour. This was carefully linked to the book The day the crayons quit by Drew Daywalt. The children listened to the story and then wrote a letter to the crayons explaining what they should do to be more happy and get along. After dinner we used different landscape pictures to design and colour using original and less used colours.

The Nottingham Climbing Centre

A brilliant time was had by all at the Climbing Centre. Once the children had completed their safety briefing they were straight into the climbing. Each child really tested their own limits of both height and endurance. The instructors said that they were an extremely well behaved group who listened exceptionally well throughout the day. They all waited patiently for their turn and helped and supported each other.


Mountain Homework

Tyndale Class never fail to amaze me! Set the challenge of the mountain topic homework the children produced some superb work. They let their imaginations go. We had everything from scaled mountain models, to personal diaries of climbing mountains. We also had labelled mountain sketches and detailed mountain fact files a big thank you to everyone for your help support and encouragement.

Cricket Coaching

For the next 6 weeks we have an experienced cricket coach from Nottinghamshire Cricket Club coming in to work with the children. The first week was all about being ready to catch and the catching positions.

Santa pays a visit!

It seems that all the children this year were on the Good List as Santa came to visit. He handed out presents along with some good advice. All the children had a fantastic afternoon playing party games and eating party food. 

A Poet came to call

On Tuesday the Poet Paul Cookson came to work with the children. Whilst working with Tyndale he focused on kennings which were poems written by the Vikings. He then performed some of his own poems.


This is a selection of photos from a fabulous 3 day trip to Hathersage. From a trip around the village culminating with friendship bracelet making and acting out a Robin Hood poem. Day 2 was packed with a morning orienteering in Brookfield Manor followed by an animal trail. Later that day we visited a farm with a robotic milk machine and had an ice-cream. Once we had returned to base the children cleaned down their kit and got ready for tea. The evening was spent shopping for gifts, watching a film and having hot chocolate and biscuits. On the final morning, once boots had been waxed, the children had some time in Hathersage play park. 

Homework Launch

Over the half term the children produced some fantastic pieces of Viking work. These ranged from Viking axes to different games. We also invited parents in on the Wednesday afternoon to share what we have been doing. We had so many boxes we decided to build a replica Viking Longboat.

smileyWelcome to Tyndale Classsmiley 

Welcome back to the new term in Tyndale. This term our topic is the Vikings. Look out for our Viking Knowledge Organiser which is crammed full of useful dates, maps and Viking terminology explained. P.E kits will need to be in on a Wednesday and Swimming Kits on a Friday. English homework is given out on a Monday which will include spellings to learn and work linked to the English being studied that week. Also if Reading Diaries can be brought in on a Monday with at least 3 entries of reading per week. Maths homework will be given out on a Friday, this will be linked to work carried out during the week to reinforce the learning.


Learning Times Tables is a vital part of learning particularly in Year 3 and 4. I have included some links below for different times table Maths challenges. If you have any you use feel free to share and I will include these on the website.



Here come the Vikings!

As part of the studies on the Vikings the children were asked to think about the design of the Viking Longships. After studying the design the children went away in groups to reconstruct these famous boats out of balsa wood. The results were amazing.


Yesterday the children from Tyndale Class visited York as part of their study of the Vikings. On arriving in York the children had the chance to walk through the streets of old York. At the Dig each group got the chance to be an archaeologist. They looked for clues and uncovered old relics. After that they moved on to handling old animal bones that had been discovered under the city. During the afternoon the children traveled back in time to old York (Jorvik) and discovered how the inhabitants used to work and live. Throughout the day the children's behaviour was excellent and they asked lots of thought provoking questions to the guides.