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Gamston Church of England Primary School

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Tyndale Class

Special Mentions - week ending 21 July 2017

Special Mentions - week ending 14 July 2017

Caunton Tennis


The Vikings are here!

The children had a fantastic day today in York. The first hour was spent learning all about what an archaeologist does, including handling fossilised poo! After exploring and digging the children had lunch. This was followed by viking sagas of old. Some of the children got to act out the parts, hence Ryan wearing a beard. Finally we walked up to the Jorvik Centre and travelled back to 960 York. 

Tyndale Class Assembly


After completing his journey Jesus ascended into heaven. The children spent time talking about what they thought heaven might look like. The results were amazing!

Joseph and his Amazing Coat

Spring is here!

Here come the Vikings!!

Throughout the term we have travelled back in time to 793. The Northmen have arrived from Norway and Finland. The dragon ships have been constructed and the children have been learning about shield design and the importance of their gods.


Light and Shadows

We spent the afternoon investigating different questions relating to light. We also made light whizzes that show light is made up of lots of different colours. Finally we talked about different designs for our shadow puppet theatre.

Discovery in Maths


Where possible we try and make learning in maths fun and engaging. Where possible we also try and make it practical. During our studies on measurement we asked the question ..... Are our feet different sizes and if so is it the same for all of us? So time to investigate ............ 

Christmas Party

The children all had a fantastic time at the Christmas party. After playing some party games they had a party tea followed by a visit from a very special guest.




In R.E the children listened to the Louis Armstrong song "What a Wonderful World". They then talked about the story of creation from Genesis. After that they were given the task of producing their own vision of the creation story. Finally they wrote their own interpretation of their pictures on the back.



The Life Cycle of a Frog

In science we have been looking at the life cycles of different species. This week we looked at frogs. We created a birds-eye view of a pond using textured materials. Included in the pond were frogspawn, frog-lets and tadpoles.


In P.E the children have been learning about how to make safe bridge shapes both on and off the apparatus. Mrs Burdell was also looking for those children who could travel around the hall and look like gymnasts! They followed that by learning how to land safely on and off the mats.

The Great Fire of London.

As part of our studies we have been looking at the events of 1666. As a class we wanted to produced two contrasting pieces of work for the display. the first was a first hand report written from the time of the fire. the second was a colour wash picture with a silhouette of 1666 London in the foreground. I am sure you will agree the effects are outstanding!

Visit to Eaton Hall

On Wednesday afternoon all three classes went on a trip to Eaton Hall. The trip was arranged to link in with the International Day of Peace. Tyndale class had a tour of the mosque and then worked with Canon Woodsford on the importance of peace for the Jewish faith. Later on they walked down to Eaton church to show the other classes what they had done. Finally they walked back up to Eaton Hall for some well deserved refreshments. A big thank you to all the staff and families at Eaton Hall who made us feel so welcome. 

Science Investigation.

In Tyndale class this week we have been investigating a question. Do the tallest people have the biggest feet? First we measured our height then drew around our feet. After that we arranged ourselves, with a little help, into height order. Finally we looked at the measurements of our feet and decided that it wasn't always true.