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Remembrance Poetry

Remember me


Rapturous rain drowning the sun,

Everything as dark as the night,

Memories erased, bodies being grazed,

Exploding in the slight light.


Making foes,

Breaking toes,

Expensive machinery disappearing into the distance.

Remembering day, come and pray,

Let them lay in peace.


Mention me when I’m gone,

Explain all the ways I shone,

Don’t cry when I die, you can always remember.

Remember me when I’m gone,

Especially on the 11th of November.



By Kenya




BANG! I hear the wind whistling loudly,

Telling me just what a fool I’ve been.

TICK! The stench of death,

Ready to pounce out!


POP! The burning fire filled with cloudy, black smoke,

The smell of dead bodies coming towards me.

CRACK! Gunpowder filled the trench fast,

People praying for help, screams of pain.


“SHOOT!” the captain yelled constantly,

Diesel of trucks setting on fire.

Let me be alone and cry in pain.

Never to be forgotten...dead.


By Ella A




Remembrance Poem


For the poppies which grow,

For the soldiers who died,

For the families who lost,

For the people who cried.


A stench of diesel and smoke,

Bang, crackle, a wall of fire,

Closing in, trapped forever;

No hope, no life.


Screaming, screeching, crying,

Falling, failing, dying.

Hope is lost, but people are trying,

Carry on; we’re not stopping.


The fields and fields of poppies bright,

Lying side by side our soldiers stay,

Never forgotten; never lost.

Always in remembrance.


For the poppies which grow,

For the soldiers who died,

For the families who lost,

For the people who cried.



By Ella B







Bang goes the bullet as another soul is taken.

It’s hopeless; we have a better enemy.

Blood filled trench, never see your friends again.

You see people running into barbed wire to attack.

Passchendaele is hell, that’s where we are all going.


Your friend is unconscious,

You go and help but end up dying.

Bombs are thrown to your trench,

You duck and wake up with the devil.

Your friends are dead, never see them again.

Bleeding holes in your body,

As you take your last breath.


Your family get the message:

Your brother’s eyes water, he feels like a coward,

You watch your father get shot before your eyes.

Watch the blood running from your body,

As your heart goes with it.

You reach in your pocket and pull out a handful of blood.



By Henry




Remembrance Day


Raining down bombs and shells

Exploding cannons all day long

Massive machinery crashing through the battle grounds

Exploding cannons all day long

Massive machinery banging through the battle grounds

Burning fire all night and day

Raining down bombs and shells

A battle of horror and hate

Never ending sadness for family who have lost

Cry for their dear ones

Exploding cannons all day long


Dying desperate people lying on the battle grounds

As days go by the gun fire gets stronger

You can help people who have lost their loved ones


By Kate





Bang, bang, bang I shot him dead,

Rolling towards me came his bleeding head.

Ching, ching, ching my sword went in,

Ripping his intestines and throwing them in a bin.

All I hear is screams and shouts.

I’ll survive, though there’s lots of doubts.

Come all thankful people come,

Raise the day of Remembrance.


All I see is lots of death

And all I smell is bad breath.

I can hear a very bad thing,

It’s a storm about to begin.

Guns and grenades are beginning,

I can’t believe that I’m singing.

Come all thankful people come,

Raise the day of remembrance.


That is the end of life,

I was stabbed with a knife.

In a poppy field I lay,

Come and see me any day.

Thanks all thankful people thanks,

For raising the days of


By George





The cloak of death stands before me

Alone and safe I wish I could be

The war is not safe my children.

So young I am and should beware.

The once childhood was blown away

and lost somewhere to this day.


I am a coward and fool and a dirt covered jewel,

The barbed wire goes up so high,

Trapped inside a cage; ready to die.

My friends all dead, just me left,

As other people commit theft

Of soldiers lives,

And as I sit here in a trance

My head is doing a little dance,

Swirling around.


Suddenly I am hurting,

And fall to the ground.

Nothing is heard,

Not a single sound.

No family to be remembered by

As I painfully, slowly, die.



By Aoife