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Gamston Church of England Primary School

Be the best you can be


Ten Things I found in my Tray

In my tray there are…

Nine billion, three thousand million volcanoes,

  A monkey with no arms and legs,

    A bazooka ready to fire,

        An amazing tank,

            Five dozen soldiers ready for war,

               Two dozen zombies fighting the soldiers,

                   A robot dog army,

                         A robot Hitler,

                               An Egyptian Pharaoh who is alive

                                        AND WORLD WAR 3 ABOUT TO START!!!

                                                              By Harvey

          Ten Things Found Down the Back of a Sofa

         A piece of old mouldy French toast

         Someone’s report card (they did not want to boast)

         A strand of old matted hair that was red

        An old spring that was from a big bed

        A candy bar my sister was trying to hide

        A leaf from the maple tree from way outside

        A big red sweet that was from school        

        An old fan that was quite cool

        A shoe that was bigger than me

        And last but not least a shell from the sea.

                                                                        By Cora


Ten chewed pencils 

One dusty stapler

One crazy computer

Twenty ripped planning sheets

One cracked lunch box

Twenty old pencil sharpeners

One ruined purse

Twenty-nine snapped pens

Twenty-four old homework books

Two empty crisp packets


How messy is the teaches desk?

                                           By Ben

Ten Things I found in a Black Suitcase


One umbrella the size of a mountain

Three chewed old dusty pens

Twenty bright coloured magical beans that are red and going to make a beanstalk

Twelve packets of chew for ever chewing gum

One coin that is one hundred years old

Five glowing one pounds that are going to blow up

Ten wooden teachers’ desks

Two red Egyptian symbols for his English lesson

Ten keys to unlock wooden or silver doors.

                                                                 By Connor