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Hillary Class

Special Mentions week ending 10 July 2015

Special Mentions - week ending 3 July 2015

 smileyWelcome to 'Hillary' Class smiley


The displays in our classroom are very important. They reflect the work that we cover in class and the breadth and variety of topics that the children are taught. All of our displays have excellent examples of high quality work produced by the children and photographs showing the learning process and the exciting activities that we do in Hillary class.

Reading books and PE kits


All of the children in Hillary class now have a reading book, we listen to the children read at least once at week therefore the children will need their books and diaries with them every day. Please ensure that you are listening to your child read at home too at least three times a week. Children also need their PE kits with them all week.



I will be setting the children in year 1 a piece of homework on a Tuesday and this needs to be handed in for the following Monday. The homework will alternate between maths and English. We will also be sending the children home with a handwriting and sound sheet daily except for a Friday. These are to be practiced at home and do not need to be sent back into school. Any queries please feel free to pop in and see me. smiley

Dancing stars

The children in Hillary Class were all stars in our class Assembly this morning we were so proud of them and they remembered the dances so well. Thank you all so much for coming and supporting us, the children loved performing.

Sorting animals

Today in science we have been busy learning about carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. The children have enjoyed learning about what different animals eat and have worked as a group to sort animals into the different groups.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We have had a fantastic trip today at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We saw so many of the wonderful animals and got to meet lots of them very closely!! The lemurs seemed a particular favourite as did the squirrel monkeys! We also had chance for  a yummy ice cream and a look in the gift shop. A huge thank you to George's Mummy, Jacob's Mummy, Ava's Mummy, Sam V's Mummy and Finley's Mummy for transporting the children and spending the day with us. As always the children's behaviour was wonderful and a lady at the park commented that we were the best behaved class they have ever had go round.

Floating and sinking!

This week in science the children have been investigating which objects float and which sink. They predicted first and then conducted the investigation.



This afternoon in Hillary class we have been busy in our science lesson. We have been sorting objects and discussing the materials that the objects are made from. The children were fantastic at sorting the objects and were able to talk about the groups. We then made feely collages and talked about the different textures of the materials.  

Multi sports fun!

The children in Hillary class attended a multi sports session at Tuxford Academy on Wednesday. They came back to school very tired but had a fantastic time.

Marble ink investigation

Yesterday the children predicted in our science lesson what they thought would happen when marble ink was added to water. Today we did the practical experiment, the children have produced some very colourful designs.


African Day

Today has been our class culture day. We have had such a fun day learning all about Africa in particular South Africa. We have been reading African stories including Handa's Surprise and We are going on a lion hunt. The children have painted some super South African flags and enjoyed tasting African fruits. We learnt lots about the lives of children in African and watched videos of animals too from Africa.

Summer time

The children in Hillary class have been busy creating summer time fabric prints. We think they look beautiful smiley

Summer time fun laugh


This morning in Hillary class we have been making the most of the sunshine and we have been on a lovely summer time walk. The children have been observing the changes from our last walk.

Once upon a time

This half term in Hillary Class we are continuing with our Fairy tales topic. We have a castle now as our role play area and the children have been enjoying dressing up as Fairy tale characters too.

English homework project

A very big well done to all of the children who completed the English homework over half term. We have had a lovely couple of days hearing about what the children have been doing. Thank you for your support smiley

Money Maths

This week in maths Miss Weselby's group have been learning about money. Today we have been looking at adding coins to make different totals and using our number facts such as doubling and bonds to 10 to add coins together.


Healthy eating

Our topic for the past few weeks in science has been healthy eating, we have been discussing healthy foods to eat and the importance of eating a varied diet. The children have designed their own healthy meals and today we had a healthy picnic. It was very yummy!

Casting their magic

Today in Hillary class we have had a very exciting morning. We thought as a class of our own set of instructions and what needs to be included in a good set of instructions then we followed our class instructions to make our very own wonderful magic wands!



This week in maths the children in Mrs Morris's group have been busy creating repeating patterns with colours and shapes and making symmetrical pictures. They also created symmetry with their bodies.

Shape sorting

Today in maths the children in Miss Weselby's group have been sorting 3D shapes into their own criteria and discussing the reasons why they have sorted them.

Super shapes

Today in maths Miss Weselby's maths group have been looking at the names of 2D and 3D shapes and the properties of 3D shapes too. Today the children have made shape pictures by drawing around 3D shape faces and recording what 2D shape this creates.

Visit from Firemen

Toady we had a visit from some firemen and they brought in a fire engine for us to look at too. We learnt about how to keep safe around fire and to stop, drop and roll!

Crazy Camera!

We understand that it is very important for the children to be around technology and able to use technological equipment. The children have got their own class digital camera and have been let loose with it this week! The photographs are very interesting! They show what the children have been doing as they have been exploring and investigating.

Story time

The children have had a lovely time this morning reading fairy tales and looking at each others story books. Thank you very much for sending them in with such nice traditional tales.

Yummy Maths


Today the children in Reception who work with Mrs Morris have had a very yummy maths session! They have been rolling a dice and they had to work out what was one more than the number on the dice and then use that amount of chocolate chips to decorate their biscuits!


Toady in maths we have been finding numbers in between multiples of 10's. Ava, Amy, Sam, George, Octavia and Oliver were using prices of objects to find the numbers that were in between the two prices.

Chocolate investigation


Today we conducted an investigation to find out what would happen when we heated chocolate and how it would change. Of course then we just had to put the yummy melted chocolate to good use and make some scrummy chocolate Easter nests. It was a delicious investigation! surprise 



Look at our fantastic wooden pirate and mermaid spoon puppets. We designed them ourselves and used lots of different ways to decorate them.

Mega maths!


This week in maths the year 1 topic is money. This morning Amy, George, Ava, Octavia, Oliver and Sam all worked as a group to add coins together beyond 20p. This was super as they thought of different addition combinations to create their totals.

Eclipse laugh


After watching today's eclipse on the big screen in the hall, several of the children in Hillary class asked if they could draw some eclipse pictures. They used black paper, chalks and pastels.

Fancy dress fun


A huge thank you to Sam Heald's Mummy and Daddy for kindly donating lots of fancy dress clothes to our class we have had a very fancy morning!

Model magic


Look at the amazing pirate ships that Jessica, George and Sam made using boxes and straws. They made these independently and we think that they are super frown

Gymnastics fun!


We have all had a fantastic and very energetic morning at the gymnastics club. The children got to try lots of the different equipment and learn some new skills. The gym instructors commented on how well the children had behaved and how smart and well presented they all were. Thank you so much to Harry's Mummy Mrs Woodcock for the PE tops and for all of the parents who helped with transport.

A chilly spring time walk!


This afternoon we had a lovely walk, although it was a little bit chilly and there were some very muddy puddles we still saw lots of signs of spring and some beautiful flowers around the school too.

World Book Day laugh

In Hillary class the children dressed up as fantastic characters from books.

Ahoy there! Pirates take over Hillary class

What an excellent day we have had for our pirate day! We have been busy making and decorating pirate biscuits, doing some pirate and mermaids crafts and we even completed a tricky obstacle course!



The children in Hillary class have been having lots of fun getting involved with our pirate topic.


Today in Hillary class Mrs Green Brought her tortoise Pebbles into visit us. Lots of the class had never seen a tortoise before so it was very exciting to have pebbles roaming around our classroom. We had chance to ask Mrs Green questions about her and we could hold her too. Thank you Mrs Green and Pebbles.

Dog visitors

We have had a very exciting time in Hillary class over the past couple of days. Mrs  Lake brought her very cute puppy Rosko in for us to meet, he is only 13 weeks old and was very cuddly. Mrs Bruneey also brought her lovely dog Lola in to visit us. Thank you very much to Rosko and Lola for being so well behaved.

Chicken friends in Hillary


A very big thank you to George's Mummy for bringing her pet chickens in, Gertie and Dorris. We learnt lots about looking after chickens and eggs.

Hillary class Baptism


A very big thank you to Mr Woodsford for coming into school this afternoon and Christening a baby for us. Our baby doll Rosie was baptised by Mr Woodsford and Jessica and Finley were Rosie's Mum and Dad and Jacob, Octavia, Amy and Alfie were Godparents.