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Hillary Class

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Special Mentions - week ending 15 July 2016

Special Mentions - week ending 8 July 2016

Reading books and PE kits frown

We will very soon be giving all of the children a reading book and reading diary. In Hillary Class we listen to the children read at least twice a week therefore the children will need their books and reading diaries with them every day. Please ensure that you are listening to your child read at least three times a week to help them to become familiar with their reading book and to be confident readers.

The children will also need their PE kits with them all week, they can bring them on a Monday and leave them on their pegs until a Friday.

Displays in Hillary Class

We will very soon be uploading photographs of our class displays. The displays in our classroom are very important, they reflect the work that we have covered in class and the breadth and variety of topics that the children are taught. All of our displays have excellent examples of high quality work produced by the children and photographs showing the learning process and the exciting activities that we do in Hillary class.


Once the children in year 1 have settled back into school over the next couple of weeks I will be setting them a piece of homework on a Tuesday and this will need to be handed in for the following Monday. The homework will alternate between Maths and English and this homework should take approximately half and hour. We will also be sending the children home with handwriting sheets for them to practice their letter formation, this is to be practiced at home and does not need to be sent back into school. If you have any queries please feel free to pop in to school and see me. Miss Weselby

Wow Display

A very big thank you to all of the parents of children in FS2 who completed the wow flowers. Our Wow display board looks super and we will be adding the flowers to the children's special books. More wow's to follow soon.

The Great Gamston Boat Off!

Yesterday in Hillary Class the children designed boats that they thought would float and be waterproof, they thought very hard about their designs. Today they have made their boats and we tested them in the water tray outside. The children found this very exciting!

Pattern Rubbings

Today we have been talking in Hillary class about all of the patterns that the children see in the outside world. We went outside and found patterns around school, using a wax crayon and paper the children then created some super pattern rubbings.

Natural Objects

Today the children brought in some lovely natural objects to share with the class, they discussed these and described them in small groups and then drew a detailed picture of their objects.

Creation story

Our topic in RE is Creation and Environment, yesterday we read the story from the bible and today in RE the children worked very hard to sequence the story and made some beautiful creations cards too.

Gardening in Hillary

As the weather is starting to improve the children in Hillary Class have been busy sewing seeds, they have been learning about the life cycle of a sun flower and the year 1 children have been producing some super sun flower collages.

Balloon Investigation

Mr Fotheringham did some super science work in Hillary class with the children investigating why balloons travel at different speeds. They thought of some super answers, and had a lovely scientific discussion.

Tortoise visit

A big thank you to Mrs Green for letting us borrow her tortoise yesterday. The children spoke about how to look after a tortoise, got the opportunity to hold her and to draw pictures of her. She was a super visitor!

Shadow Experiment and rocket launching

 In Hillary Class the children have been learning with Mr Fotheringham about the sun and shadows for our space topic. They did an experiment to see how shadows move and change throughout the day. The Class then had lots of fun seeing how far they could launch a rocket up in the air!


Over the past two days the children have been very busy looking at fiction and non fiction books. We have been looking at the differences and talking about the different features of the texts. The children have been super at sorting the books and discussing the variety of texts.

Fire engine visit

Today the children had a very exciting start to the morning as the Retford Fire Brigade and Fire engine came into school to visit. The children had a tour of the engine and got to sit in it too. They also learnt some super safety tips about what to do if a fire happens and how to stop, drop and roll.

Spring art

The children collected some different daffodils to draw and pastel. We looked at the differences and similarities between the flowers and the children did some close observational drawings.

Dragon building

A huge thank you for all the boxes and tubes that have been donated for the children to build dragons. This afternoon they have followed their plans and made some super dragons.

Cake making

Today the children have made some yummy Easter cakes. We thought about how the chocolate would change when it was put in the microwave and then into the fridge.

Spring walk

We have had a lovely walk today to see if we got spot any signs of spring. The children found lots of signs that made them think about the change in season.

2 times table

A big congratulations to the children in year 1 who have passed their 2 times table today and been presented with their certificate. Well done smiley

Class assembly

This morning was Hillary Class assembly, they performed so well and sang such lovely songs and performed their animal actions beautifully. Thank you very much to parents for coming to watch.

Super gym stars

We had a fantastic time this morning at gymnastics this morning. The children were wonderful and all very confident to try the different range of apparatus. They showed excellent skills and balance. We were all really proud of them and the gymnastic coaches commented on how well behaved the children from Gamston were.

Excellent investigations

Today in Maths the children have been thinking so hard! We have been completing maths investigations, investigating how many ways they can split the numbers 7 and 10 three ways. For an extension they have also been splitting 11 three ways too. We really have had our thinking caps on this morning!

Mega musicians!

After the children enjoyed their music lesson so much yesterday, today we learnt some new songs with actions and the children played instruments to the songs too.

Music magic!

Today the children played musical instruments in PE and moved along to the music. They thought about how to change the sound made by the instruments and how to change their movements.


Today in maths the children thought about all of the super knowledge that they have gained during our daily maths lesson.

Marvellous Maths

The year 1 children have been working so hard the past few days in Maths. They have been using place value cards to find the value of hundreds, tens and units.


Today the children made a super start back after half term, in Geography we have been thinking about how different habitats and environments vary. The children compared their own environments to a different one and spoke about the similarities and differences in environments. Look at their excellent drawings of their own and a different habitat.  

Chinese New Year

Today we have had a fantastic day celebrating Chinese New Year. The children looked super in their red and yellow clothes. We have learnt lots of facts about China and how Chinese New Year is celebrated, they have also made excellent Chinese crafts and this afternoon we had a yummy Chinese take away. What a fab day we have had.


We are very excited about next week learning about China and celebrating Chinese New Year on Tuesday. On Tuesday the children will be wearing their red and yellow clothes and enjoying a yummy Chinese takeaway. This will be an excellent opportunity for the children to learn about another country and culture.

Science Silhouettes

Today in Science the children have been drawing around their silhouettes.


Today we watched the Gruffalo DVD as part of our English lesson. The children the drew their own Gruffalo character and over the next couple of lessons they will be describing their character and writing a story about their character.

Gruffalo Art

Today the children have been creating some excellent pieces of art work for our new Gruffalo Display. We can not wait to get our new display up in the class.

100 Points for NSPCC!

Today the children in Hillary Class completed the 100 points PE challenge for the NSPCC. They worked so hard! We did star jumps, hops, skipping, squat jumps, running, side steps and lots more to get the 100 points we needed! A huge well done to our little Super stars, we are very proud of them.


For our Julia Donaldson topic we have been reading the Smartest Giant in Town book. The children asked if they could make crowns just like the Giant had. The children have been very busy planning and designing their crowns and then making their wonderful crowns. We think that they have made a fantastic job.

Busy Bee Maths!

The children in year 1 have been very busy in Maths this week working out different number bonds using dart boards to add numbers together and cubes.

Bag Monsters

The children in Hillary Class have made some super bag monsters. They chose how to design their bag monsters themselves and have been busy in English using adjectives to describe their bag Monster. They will also be writing a story about their bag monster!

Christmas Party

Today has been the school Christmas jumper day and Christmas party. This morning the children played a Christmas quiz, enjoyed making lots of Christmas crafts and played pass the elf. Then this afternoon they met Father Christmas and played lots of party games.