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Class 4


 Welcome to  Class 4 



We have been very busy in Class 4 so far this year. 



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Class 4 trailer

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In Maths we have looked at the four number operations and we have tried to apply our knowledge and strategies learned to tricky worded questions.


Class 4 have improved their mental strategies and have learnt written methods for each number operation.


We have spent some time learning about shape. Class 4 have brushed up their knowledge of the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. They can use all the different transformations: reflection, rotation and translation. We are able to identify lines of symmetry, parallel and perpendicular sides and use co ordinates confidently. Class 4 are able to estimate and measure angles. They have learnt how to calculate the missing angles in different shapes. We can work out the area and perimeter of simple and compound shapes and with support can apply this knowledge to difficult problems.


Class 4 have learnt about fractions, decimals and percentages. We have concentrated on comparing and ordering fractions, simplifying fractions, finding fractions of a quantity and converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers. Class 4 also know how to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages and they can find the percentage of a number.


We have learnt about time and timetables. Some of Class 4 need to make sure they keep recapping this at home whenever possible to make sure they are confident in telling the time and answering time related problems.


Class 4 need to make sure they practice at home what we have been learning at school.


TIMESTABLES are still a problem to some children in the class and are holding these children back. It is really important that all of Class 4 know their timestables and are able to apply this knowledge. Lots of practice - little and often, is essential. smiley





Maths Investigations


This week Class 4 had a task to write and investigate a question, collecting and collating data and presenting it in a graph. This involved lots of measuring and timing of classmates. Examples included: 


How many books can children stack in one minute?

What is the circumference of the heads of children in Class 4?

How long does it take you to write the alphabet twice?

How long can Class 4 resist blinking?

How many press ups can children do in one minute?

What is the height of children in Class 4?

How long is your hair?


Maths investigation



At the beginning of term Class 4 produced some wonderful performances of 'The Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll. They have also learned about and performed 'The Charge of the Light Brigade' by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Class 4 then wrote their own stanzas using different writers tools like metaphors, personification and alliteration. Please follow the link to Charge of the Light Brigade below to see a selection of the children's stanzas.



On National Poetry Day we wrote our own colour poems which can be found on a display in the school - please come and read them. These were created after looking at various poems about colour; including 'I asked the Little Boy who cannot see' which encouraged children to think really carefully about each colour.


We have read the story 'Rose Blanche' learning more about WW2 in Germany and were able to use the visual images in this beautiful book to work out much more about Rose's life. We have written some amazing biographies of her life after looking at extracts from various different biographies to work out what features needed to be included. Class 4 also wrote their own autobiographies and made up biographies about superheroes.


Class 4 have been enjoying their class text 'Friend or Foe' by Michael Morpurgo and have been reading lots of other books in their guided reading sessions at school. Please keep reading widely at home. cheeky


We have also been working very hard on our grammar, punctuation and spelling. Class 4 know that it is essential to always remember capital letters and full stops, and to start applying what we have learnt during our SPAG sessions, in their free writing in other subjects. Please reinforce this! enlightened




Year 6 have written the most amazing short stories with flashbacks based on the short film 'The Piano' (see below). Some examples of the children's work can also be found below.



Class 4 have learnt about balanced arguments. We have examined written balanced arguments and have written our own.



This term (Spring) we have started by looking at different types of formal writing. Class 4 have focused on formal letters. They have written a formal letter of complaint from Mr Bean, and have replied to him as the manager of a shop.




Class 4 are now learning about Macbeth. We have watched the animated tales of Macbeth to help us understand the main events of the play. Class 4 have a good understanding of what happened, and have written and performed their own raps telling the story of the main events. Some will be shown below.

Macbeth Raps

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We have written raps telling the story of Macbeth

Macbeth raps

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Macbeth Raps

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Macbeth Raps

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Macbeth Raps

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Macbeth Raps

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Macbeth Raps

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Class 4 have looked carefully at a particular scene from Macbeth. We have  acted out the scene in groups and have studied the language used by Shakespeare. Everyone has turned this scene into a narrative, focusing on using interesting vocabulary and varied sentence openers to engage the reader. Please see the link below to read some of our amazing narratives. Can you find examples of different writers tools we have tried to include? (Metaphors, similes, personification).

We have looked at and analysed a variety of TV, print and radio adverts. Class 4 have written and recorded their own radio adverts. These will be uploaded shortly.

Ella B's advert

Kenya's advert

Lillie's advert

George's advert

Will's advert

Ella A's advert

Thomas' advert

Poppy's advert

Emmelia's advert

Henry's advert

Kate's advert

Jacob's advert

Daisy's advert

Husnain's advert

Peter's advert

Aoife's advert

Class 4 have written some amazing and very persuasive letters. A selection will soon be available to read. 

Topic ~ World War Two


Class 4 have been busy learning about World War Two this term. We have been improving our skills of investigation and have used evidence to work out more about various aspects of WWII. For example we have looked at:


  • The Blitz ~ we have listened to sound clips, watched video clips and looked at photographic evidence. We have heard recordings from survivors telling us more about the Blitz. We have learned about the different shelters that were used, and have designed our own modern shelters. We have also read extracts from various books like 'Goodnight Mister Tom' to tell us more about building shelters and what life was like for people during the Blitz. We have also created our own chalk and pastel silhouette skylines of the Blitz. (See a selection below) 
  • Evacuation ~ Class 4 have learnt more about evacuees. We have worn our own labels and acted out what it would have been like. We have watched a clip of 'Goodnight Mister Tom' showing the journey and moment the evacuees arrived at their new home. We have unpacked an evacuee's suitcase and imagined what we would pack ourselves. Class 4 have written their own diary entries and letters home, imagining that they were evacuated in WW2 and have studied the difference between living in the town and living in the country.
  • Propaganda ~ We have enjoyed looking at different propaganda and working out who it was aimed at and what the message was. Through the propaganda we worked out more about life during WW2 and we found out about people who volunteered to join the forces, and those who were conscripted.
  • Life for ordinary people ~ We used evidence to find out more about life for people at home in Britain. We were able to examine the changing roles of women before, during and after WW2. We found out more about rationing, children, gas masks and lots more by looking at lots of different sources e.g. magazines, ration books, bus tickets, war leaflets, newspapers, posters and medical notes.
  • Ghettos and Anne Frank ~ We disussed what happened during WW2 throughout Germany and other parts of the world. We drew our own secret hideaways and thought about what is most important to us. We wrote letters and a diary entry.
  • The Evacuation of Dunkirk ~ Class 4 were fascinated about what happened and looked at evidence and researched this event. We listened to Chuchill's famous speech and investigated the effect this had on England and everyone's resolve, and the impact this had on the war as a whole. We read two amazing books 'The Little Ships' by Louise Borden and 'My Uncle's Dunkirk' by Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom. The children wrote newspaper articles, poems and diaries about the heroic rescue.
  • Russia and the Siege of Leningrad ~ Everyone looked at an atlas to find out more about Russia. We found out about the climate and size of Russia and the impact this had on German and Russian troops. We read about the siege of Leningrad and discussed what it must have been like. Several children took the part of survivors and answered questions. We wrote interviews of the survivors.
  • The Enigma Machine ~ Class 4 have found out more about the Enigma Machine, code breaking and Bletchley Park. They have worked in groups to de-code messages and crack different codes. They have made and used a code-breaker and have created coded messages for each other to solve. Class 4 have learnt about the importance of coded messages and code breaking during WW2 and the effect that this had on the war.




Topic ~ Ancient Greece


Class 4 have started their new topic.


We have started to learn about the reliablity of evidence. Class 4 turned into detectives to work out the identity of a person, based on some evidence left behind. They realised how much your interpretation of something changes when there is missing evidence and began to assess how much this would effect the study of Ancient Greece.


We have looked at different sources to find out more about different aspects of life in Ancient Greece. We have had to assess the reliability of each piece of evidence by comparing it to others linked to the same aspect of Ancient Greek life. We thought carefully about who wrote the different sources, or why these objects have survived to help us find out more. 


We used an atlas and other resource books to locate Greece and find out more about its climate, location and geography.


Class 4 have looked at photos of Greek pottery and used them to work out more about Greek life.


We have compared the differences between Athenians and Spartans.

We have written newspaper articles about the ending of the Trojan War and the success of the Trojan horse. Some children wrote from the perspectives of the Greeks while others wrote a Trojan newspaper. We looked carefully at how the language used would be very different and would help tell the story from a different point of view.
Having learnt about the Trojan War and the ending of the war with Odysseus's plan of building the Trojan horse, Class 4 worked in groups to create a sound track to match the events of the Trojan War. We listened to a piece of music connected to our previous topic, as well as film sound tracks, to help us see how music influences and reflects the action on the screen. Each group thought about the pitch, tempo, dynamics and texture of their piece of music and imagined what the battle would have looked like.

Trojan War soundtrack

We have learnt about education in Ancient Greece and have tried to decipher some messages in Greek. We all designed a Greek letter to represent our names.

This week we have learnt more about food in Greece. We read about the history of the olive tree and talked about how we know olive trees were important in Ancient Greece.

We all took part in a taste test. We tasted 5 different types of olive and 5 different types of olive oil. We looked at the appearance, aroma, taste and texture of each. Some of Class 4 discovered they loved olives, and others not so much! But we did all have fun!

Olive and olive oil tasting


We have designed Greek pots and class 4 are making tissue paper collages. The children had to make stamps out of thick cardboard and use these to create prints on the collage. Photos to follow.

Tissue paper collage and print

Our finished collages

Making Greek clay pots

For Design and Technology this week we looked at different Greek temples. We studied the similarities and differences between the different styles of columns. Then in groups we had a challenge! Every group had one A2 piece of paper and two mini whiteboards. We had to create the strongest structure to hold the greatest amount of weight. It was fun!

Greek column challenge

The winning design

Still image for this video
Have a look at the video of the winning design. We did carry on adding weights to the structure (although we stood further back waiting for it to collapse from a safe distance). Ask Class 4 to find out how much it was able to hold.

Topic ~ The Wider World


We have started our new topic this term and have started to find out more about global warming and the impact that this is having on plants, animals and people around the world. 

The Belo Monte Dam Project


We have been learning about the Amazon. We've enjoyed finding out more about the river, the people who live here and all the creatures who live in the Amazon Rainforest. There are many threats to the rainforest and we have learnt more about deforestation. We investigated the proposal to start building a large dam on the Amazon River and its tributaries and researched how this would affect local tribes, employment, health and the economy.

Class 4 were divided into 4 groups and they took part in a debate arguing whether the dam should be built. The children could not choose which side they had to represent, so some had the huge challenge of coming up with an argument that they didn't actually agree with! Please watch our film of the opening arguments. The first group to speak are the tribes, followed by the environmentalists, then the Brazilian government and finally the dam company itself.

Belo Monte Dam Debate

Still image for this video
We had so much fun in our last debate that we wanted to hold another!

Class 4 debate: Should animals be kept in zoos?

Still image for this video


Class 4 have now become competent netball players. They are able to explain all the rules and different positions and have increased their knowledge of netball tactics as well as improving their ball skills and use of the different passes in netball. Next we need to work on finding a space and spreading the ball around the court.


We have also been doing gymnastics. Class 4 can explain the words synchronisation and canon as they have been working on this in gymnastics lessons.


Class 4 are now enjoying learning all the rules of Rounders and putting their skills to the test. We are looking forward to the inter group competition.

Rounders tournament winners!


Well done to everyone in Class 4 for their excellent performance at the rounders tournament at Tuxford Primary Academy. The whole class played BRILLIANTLY and it was a pleasure to watch the teamwork of the children. Well done to those who volunteered to sit out for part of a match. The progress in our skills is amazing from the first time we picked up rounders bats, and the hard work paid off as Gamston won every single match they played. WELL DONE!

Thank you to Jake's mum for helping with transport.



The cricketers got off to a good start and played really well together. We are looking forward to the next match!



Thank you to all the children for supporting Class 1 and starting to teach them how to play rounders. They all had a great time being taught by Year 6. We are looking forward to our joint PE lesson on Friday.

Class 4 and Class 1

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Class four designed and led different sporting events for Class 1.


Sport Relief frown


Class 4 had a great day celebrating Sport Relief. Well done to everyone for dressing up and making the occasion special. We all managed to complete at least a mile around the sports field in a variety of ways (some were more successful than others, and many were very funny)!. A special well done to Henry who ran several miles and seemed to never stop! 



Well done to everyone who has been in the school football team so far this year. All the members of both teams tried hard and worked well as part of a team. Keep it up!


Everyone who took part in the Athletics event at Tuxford School did very well. It was great to see the level of support the children gave each other. Well done!


Well done to everyone who went to Tuxford to play basketball. They all played really well. Congratulations.


Thank you parents for all the help transporting children to sporting events.


Class 4 have also been enjoying learning about dances from around the world this term. 




Well done to all the children who achieved their Key Stage Two certificate for swimming, and those who are working towards this level.



Please have a look at the displays around school for more information about what Class 4 have been learning. Well done to all the class for writing prayers, poems and parts of all the important services that we have held this year.

We recently enjoyed finding out more about parables and the teachings of Jesus as well as looking more closely at the Bible. We have learnt more about Holy week and the Easter story. 

Other Activities in Class 4...



We hope that you all enjoyed the Harvest Festival that Class 4 worked really hard on. Well done to the whole class for learning all the words to the four songs and singing them so beautifully, as well as learning and performing their lines so confidently in church. We are looking forward to the Christmas performance next!




Thank you to Class 4 for leading another successful service at Gamston Church. We hope you all enjoyed it and have a relaxing and well-deserved Easter break.



Great British Elm Experiment

Please take some time to look at our display and learn more about the Great British Elm Experiment. Class 4 have been investigating why we have planted an elm tree in the school grounds.



Remembrance Day


Class 4 looked at some WW1 and WW2 poetry. We then wrote our own poems based around work for Remembrance day. Please have a look at a selection of them (see below)



Class 4 have enjoyed gardening this term. As well as lots of weeding and watering, we have planted cabbages and leeks (kindly donated by Jacob's mum). As part of commemorating 100 years since WW1 we have planted some poppies in the garden. We said a prayer and spent some moments thinking about the sacrifice so many people made. 


The visit of the snake


We were very lucky to have a visit from Mrs Hardy and her snake this week. Class 4 enjoyed touching the snake (well some of them did) and asking lots of questions about it. The visit inspired some of the class to write non chronological reports about the snake a few days later.

Snake visit!

Children in Need


Thank you to all the children involved in raising money for Children In Need and the parents who have supported them. 


We all enjoyed watching the Children in Need dance by Ella A, Emmelia, Aoife and Daisy.



Every week then you will receive homework.



You will need to learn your weekly spellings. You should spend a few minutes every day practising your spellings. Every Thursday you will have a spelling test.


Maths and English:

Every week you will have a Maths and English task to complete. Please remember to ask for help if you don't understand.



You should be reading regularly at home.  





We are looking forward to hearing the presentations that Class 4 have prepared. Part of our homework was to prepare a presentation for the rest of the class. It could be on any topic, about anything and can be presented in any way. For example children can bring props, do a demonstration, teach the class how to do something, show a powerpoint, give a speech from notes or show a short clip or photos etc! The presentation has to last for at least two minutes, but no longer than 5 minutes and the aim is to make it interesting for the rest of the class.


Year 5 and 6 had a fantastic time when we were lucky enough to go on residential to Kingswood. I am looking forward to putting up photos so you can see some of the fun that we had, but am waiting to receive photos from the other group's activities. 

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