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Class 3's Stories


My Teddy Tim


Once upon a time I had a teddy called Tim who loved to swim because he loved water. Anyway moving on, Tim of course was a teddy but one night I felt a soft hand on my shoulder and I looked at Tim and saw he was moving. I knew an adventure was starting to begin…


I woke my mum up at half past  twelve and said  “Wake up, wake up, its Tim he is alive. I know he is only a teddy but he is alive.” Mum said “No way.”

 I said “Oh yes way,” but still mum did not believe. I said “Well come and see for yourself then,” so. . . she did, she was amazed!!!


That morning I looked at Tim and said “You are not just a teddy, you are a friend a really good one.” It was school that morning, Ted and I set off, but one thing I did have to say was “Be quiet in lessons or my teacher Miss May will throw you out.”Tim would not like that and I wouldn’t too.


School was going so well and Tim was quiet but . . . I did not realize I had left my phone in my bag and I have a game called the funny game, Tim could not help it, he had to laugh so Miss May found out - well she had to! So Miss May went looking in everyone’s bag including mine. Tim hid as quickly as he could but thankfully Miss May did not find Tim. I was relieved. Tim and I went home for a yummy tea.



The next morning Tim and I went to school, thankfully he was quiet. We had a lovely day. It was one of my favourite lunches

(yum yum). The next day it was no school as it was Saturday so  me and Tim went swimming. Now Tim loved to swim so I quickly put him in the water and of course he loved that !!!


The End! By Abigail May Jennings class 3 age 8


Thank you for reading glad you enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!


 Thank you