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Gamston Church of England Primary School

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Class 1

Welcome to  Class 1



Buggy Biscuits


We have had a real success with our baking today!! We have made bug biscuits and decorated them, they look and smell delicious!smiley



The children have had a super time in their french lessons with Madame Humes, they have been presenting their own weather reports in French. laugh

Pizza Express


We had a fantastic time at Pizza Express on Thursday. We learnt how to turn the dough into a pizza base made our own pizzas  they were delicious! frown

Pizza Express


It is our class trip next Thursday to Pizza Express frown Please complete reply slips by Tuesday and the £7.00 needs to be paid in cash. Thank you very much Miss Weselby smiley

Rounder's tournament


This afternoon Class 1 joined in with a Key stage 1 rounder's tournament with Class 2, it was lots of fun smiley




We have had a lovely afternoon playing rounder's in the sunshine with class 4, they taught us the rules of the game and how to throw and hit the ball with the bat. frown



A very big thank you to Richard Vernon (Sam's Daddy) for making an excellent start with our class 1 garden. The children have had a super afternoon learning about the plants and mini beasts and are very much looking forward to this gardening time over the next few Friday's. smiley



We are having lots of fun in class 1 outside enjoying the sunny weather laugh

Retford Times


A very big thank you to Ava's Mummy for coming in this afternoon and talking to us about her job at the Retford Times. We really enjoyed listening about the different articles in the newspaper and looking at a very old copy of the Retford Times. A very big thank you also for the goody bags. Ava's Mummy took a picture of the children in class 1, so look out for their picture in the Retford Times on Thursday. frown

Library visit


We have had a lovely afternoon visiting Retford Library for our people who help us topic. We read stories, sang a song and learnt lots about the books in the library and about the job of a librarian.


Hot cross buns


Yesterday we had an Esater celebration in Class 1 yesterday, we spoke about the special reason why we celebrate Easter and enjoyed trying Hot Cross Buns.



Easter week


This week at school, we are having an Easter week, we are learning lots about Easter time and why we celebrate Easter and making lots of Easter crafts. Yesterday we made some very yummy chocolate cornflake cakes!



We had a super time yesterday baking some very scrummy flapjacks thank you to Rueben's Mummy, Caden's Aunty, Nelly's Daddy and Matthew's Mummy for helping us. Today the year 1 children sold the falpjacks to the the reception children in our class for different amounts of the money. The reception children had to add coins together to create the totals for their money topic in maths and then they could eat their yummy flapjack.

Sports Relief


We had a super sporty day on Friday in Class1, we enjoyed doing an obstacle course in PE and then we did five laps around the field using different sporting equipment.

spring time walk

Long term plan for class 1



We have been baking buns this morning for our weight topic in maths, thank you very much to Kian's Mummy, Rueben's Mummy, Amy's Mummy and Harry's Mummy for helping us.

Year 1 Gymnastics


We had a super morning at gymnastics and learnt lots of new skills.

Water bottles


The children are allowed regular drinks of water throughout the day. However we do not have enough cups in our class, it would be very helpful if you could send your child with a named water bottle daily for them to use. We will happily fill this up with water for them. Thank you



After our fantastic China topic we  will be starting our new topic "dinosaurs" next week. If any of the children have any dinosaur books, toys or anything dinosaur related we would be very grateful if we could borrow these for our topic. Thank you for your continued support miss weselby smiley

China Day


We have had a fanstastic day in Class 1 today celebrating Chinese New Year, we have been busy doing chinese art work, listening to chinese stories and enjoying a chinese takeaway this afternoon! Thank you to all of the children who wore their bright clothes cheeky

Enjoying the chinese takeaway

Fortune cookies


A very big thank you to Sam's Mummy, Kian's Mummy, Ruebens Mummy and Caden's Auntie for coming into School this afternoon and helping us bake our fortune cookies. We had a very fun and slighty messy afternoon!! sad

Baking our Chinese Fortune Cookies

Thank you smiley


Thank you very much to Sam's Mummy, Mrs Vernon for coming into Class 1 and sharing her stories about her adventure to China. We had a lovely afternoon looking at her photographs and some of her Chinese objcts. It was very useful for our topic.

Chinese Resturant


Class 1 are having lots of fun in our Chinese Resturant role play area, we are learning about Chinese food and how to use chop sticks! Thank you very much to everyone who has sent in Chinese objects and photographs. The children have loved looking at these and they have really brought our topic to life.

Learning Journey's


In Class 1 each child in the Foundation Stage has a learning journey book set up which contains observations, photographs and pieces of work. Parents/ carers are more than welcome to add to these books. For more information please feel free to see me. Thank you Miss Weselby smiley


Foundation Stage


Just a bit of information for our Foundation Stage parents cheeky


Within the Foundation Stage we folow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS), children develop their learning through play based activities, sometimes led by adults, sometimes child initiated or set up by an adult to assess how the children are progressing. Children are encouraged to engage in activities both indoors and outdoors, becoming more independent in their learning and self discovery as they develop the skills and confidence to do so.

Activities within the Foundation Stage are planned to meet all children's learning needs over the six areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Literacy Communication and Language

Physical Development


Understanding the World

Expressive Art and Design


All areas are considered of equal importance to a child's learning and development.




We had the School Nurse come in and visit us today to teach us how to wash our hands properly!

Reading books


It is very important that the children are reading at least three times a week at home. Please ensure that when you listen to your child read at home you record this in their reading diary. All of the children now have new reading books after the Christmas break. Thank you



The children are really enjoying digging and playing in the mud outside of our classroom. If you have any old or spare wellies we would be very grateful if you could send these in to School with your child. Thank you smiley

Letters and Sounds


For the Foundation Stage children we will be sending home every Friday flash cards of sounds and words that the children have been covering in their daily phonics sessions. They will be bringing home worksheets of sounds too for you to complete with your child to practice their letter formation. With the bank of sounds that the children will be bringing home, please ensure that you use these sounds to make words with your child. Thank you



Spellings will be sent home every Friday for the year 1 children to practice for a spelling test the next Friday. Please practice these with your child at home. smiley

We have had a fantastic and very busy first week back in Class 1!

A busy week back!

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