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Gamston Church of England Primary School

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Bannister Class

Summer term Knowledge Organizer: 

Tuesday 17th March:

Please note that all Y6 children will be sent home today with three SAT revision books. The books will consist of a Maths revision book, a reading comprehension book and  a 10 minute SPAG book. 

The books will act as daily work activities if school has to close or if school doesn't close they will be used as revision books. Children will be informed which pages to do on which days/ weeks. This will ensure that children can still access revision type materials in the event of a school closure ( hopefully this will not happen) 

Until we have definite conformation could the revision materials be put in a safe place. 

Please be aware that parents can access free SAT's resources via:

Twinkle, Classroom secrets and by doing a search for past Y6 papers.

Year 5 Children:


Please not that Y5 children will be sent home today with a mix of activities and SAT's papers. This work is designed as a two week package in case of a school closure ( which we are hoping will not happen) 

Sports Relief 
Bannister class had a marvelous time celebrating Sports relief : The children ran 8 laps of the school field ( which is approximately 8 miles)
Bannister class have been celebrating World Book day ( Thursday 5th March) 

February half term homework

Homework this holiday will include a year 6  Maths reasoning paper and reading comprehension ( please find the answers below) and a reading comprehension for year 5.

Bannister class residential to Kingswood PGL

( Dearne Valley Near Doncaster) The trip will take place on Wednesday 20th May to Friday 22nd May)

Please find the power point from the parents meeting

Year 6 Booster club: Will start on Thursday 16th January. It will begin at 3:30 and finish at 4:15 pm. 

It is open to all Year 6.  

Bannister class have had an excellent first week back. We have had a magnificent launch of our Ancient Greek topic. A big thank you to all adults who have supported their children so wonderfully in making their Ancient Greek homework!
Bannister classes new topic in January is the Ancient Greeks. Please find the new knowledge organiser for next term.
Bannister class then spent the afternoon singing at the Farthings care home. What a truly amazing day !!!Well done Bannister class!!!
Bannister class had a wonderful morning singing Christmas carol's at Bassetlaw Hospital.They were a credit to our school. 
Bannister class had an enjoyable time reading books to Hillary class.
Bannister class went back in time today to make some WW11 biscuits. The children used their 'Bake Off Skills' to produce some delicious  oat meal biscuits. I was really proud of the 'team work' and 'resilience' the children showed while making these Wartime biscuits. I would like to thank Mrs Hardy, who organised this great activity.    
In Bannister class we have been celebrating Children in Need, by doing some special fraction, percentage and decimal work. The children enjoyed working together to solve reasoning problems. 
Bannister class had an amazing topic afternoon this week: parents were invited into class to work with their child on WW11 activities and look at the amazing topic homework produced. 
As always the children have produced some truly amazing topic homework. A gigantic 'thank you' to all adults who have supported their children in producing  some truly  magnificent homework. 

Welcome back and I hope you all have had an amazing,restful break. In Bannister class we are continuing the exploration of WW11. We are launching the second part to the topic with a fantastic parents open afternoon on Wednesday(from 2:30pm) where parents will have an opportunity to see the wonderful homework produced by the children over the half term holidays and take part in some WW11 themed activities. 

Moving on from the topic launch the children are exploring the importance of Remembrance day and how it links to WW11 and future conflicts. Developing from that the children will explore rationing, evacuation , WW11 spies and key leaders and events in WW11. The term will culminate in a Christmas gathering for all parents. 

The whole class book's in Bannister class this term are Friend or Foe and Good night Mister Tom. 

In Bannister class today we started thinking about Remembrance Sunday and the wearing of poppies to remember those who either gave up their lives or were injured in War. Anne Hickman (from the Royal British Legion) led an assembly in school to help children remember these key events. 
We celebrated Super hero day in Bannister class by doing some amazing Newspaper reports. Look at the amazing handwriting!!!!
A quick reminder: P.E in Bannister class is every Friday. Can you please ensure children have a full P.E ( including an outside kit, containing suitable footwear) Thank you. 
Bannister class had an inspirational day at Eden Camp. As a class we explored life in WW11. We were able to research the key words from the class knowledge organisers.
Bannister Class fabulous WW11 Homework !
Homework week 13.9.19. Children have been sent home a reading text from Reading Explorers ( year 5 and 6) The children have also been sent spellings 'cious words' and year 5 have been sent handwriting sheets based around these spellings.
Bannister Class had a wonderful, stimulating day at Eden camp. Photographs to follow next week.

Welcome back! 

I hope you have had a restful and enjoyable Summer break!

We are hitting the ground running this September by launching our new topic ( World War 11) by a trip to Eden camp.

The trip is on Wednesday 11th September . Children will be leaving at 9 am and returning by 5pm. 

Topic Knowledge organiser for WW11

The Knowledge organiser covers key dates and words from WW11. Throughout the topic the children will learn these key facts ( amongst other pieces of information) about WW11. 

The children for the first time, will cover additional knowledge lessons. They will explore the following about WW11:

10 War time meals from both Britain and Germany.

10 War time songs from both Britain and Germany.

Where Germany is located in Europe.

Things Germany and Britain are famous for.  


Please note homework will be given out on a Friday and needs to be in by the following Thursday. It can be in earlier.

Homework will begin on Friday the 13th September.

It will consist of spellings ( linked to a particular spelling theme) and a reading comprehension type homework. 

This week ( Friday 6th September) will consist of bringing in a fact linked to WW11 and taking a photograph of your child reading in a special place. 

Go Ape!


Year 5 Summer homework. A set of reading comprehensions will be sent home during the Summer break. The answers will be on the Bannister website. 

Important information for next week:

Monday 22nd July:

Performance of Superstan at 2pm and 6pm. 

Please can you ensure all children bring in costumes. Can the children be back at school for the evening performance at 5:45 please.


Tuesday 23rd July:

Year 6 leavers trip to GO APE. Children will need a pack lunch, at least 3 drinks and sun protection. Children can bring money for an ice cream if they wish.

Wednesday 24th July

SRE talk year 6. 

Leavers assembly at 2pm. 

Please see the wonderful pictures from this years Residential. 
The Year 6 had a wonderful time at Southwell Minster.  It was a lovely day of relaxation, rest and prayers. 
Superstan Performance: Monday 22nd July. Performances at 2pm and 6pm. 
Please note the homework over the next few weeks from  (21.6.19) will be to learn lines, songs and stage directions for Superstan.
Please find the homework 14.6.19 . The answers are available on the last page.
Bannister Class had a wonderful time at the National Video Games Centre in Sheffield. They explored the history of electronic computer games dating from the 1970's through to the 1990's. The children's behaviour, as always, was excellent! The children will be using this unique experience to help inspire them to produce some excellent independent writing.  
Please find the homework for the week beginning 3/6/19. The children will have a maths paper to complete, which is here on the web page and includes the answers on the last page. Thank you.  

Bannister Children sharing their wonderful homework projects based on the Victorians. The children were given a range of tasks to choose from and have independently completed them over a four week period.

Homework for the Spring bank holidays 24.5.19- 3.6.19. Please note, the homework for the year 6 children will start after the holidays ( the children are having a well deserved break over the holidays) 

Homework for Y5 will consist of a Y6 maths arithmetic paper , which has been sent home

( please find a copy of the paper with the answers at the end of the test)

Year 5 have been demonstrating their super board games to the year 6 children. 
Bannister class have been working with the Y1 children to produce some amazing 'Super hero' work. Besides some inspiring artwork the children created some amazing expanded noun phrases!
Please be aware that SAT's week begins on Monday 13th May and finishes on Thursday 16th May. Please could you support your child by ensuring they get plenty of sleep and rest during the SAT's week. Thank you ( Year 6 team)  
As we approach SAT's week, the Bannister team would like to say a 'Big thank you,' to all adults who have supported their children through this potentially stressful time. We are proud of all the effort and hard work the children have put into their revision for SAT's. It is a testament to the year 6's positive attitude and work ethos! The atmosphere in class is calm and up- beat.  

Welcome Back! We hope you had a brilliant and restful Easter break! 

We have a very busy term ahead: 


Year 5/6 children will continue to learn words from the year 5/6 spelling list. These are words or similar words  that follow the same spelling convention that the children will be tested on. If you could choose 10 words from the list each week and support the children in learning these words, that would be much appreciated. 


Other homework this term will consist of the Y6 children being sent home various SAT'S papers: Year 5 will continue completing their Victorian homework projects ( see grid underneath) which needs to be completed by the end of May. A big 'ThankYou' to Oli Atkinson, for helping create the rewards for this homework! 

The children in Bannister class have had an amazing term and worked so hard! A big thank you to all children,parents and carers! 

Please find the year 6 revision homework, which is set for over the holidays: three revision SAT'S papers. 

Today we have been using our knowledge of 2-d shapes to visualise and create 3-d nets. The children  have used this to then find the properties of 3-d shapes. 
Bannister class had a marvellous morning making Mother's day cards. 

Parents SAT'S meeting: Tuesday 2nd April at 3:30pm:

An opportunity to explore the SAT's process, types of questions your child may answer and a forum to ask any SAT's related questions. 

Please find a copy of the power point presentation for any parents who are unable to attend the meeting 

In Bannister class the children have always been truly awesome at homework projects. So to embrace this skill and to celebrate the children's talent, we are setting a 'Homework challenge.' 

Children have been sent home with a range of homework activities based on the Victorians ( See the attached sheet below) Points will be given for the number of projects completed. We are setting this homework up until the Spring Bank holidays: points will be given for each piece of homework completed. If parents could sign each completed piece that will be a great help. 

All Banister children have been given a year 5/6 spelling list. In class we will be use this list on a weekly basis to test the children on a mix of spellings. So if you could please support your children in learning these spellings over the next 4 weeks. 
Today we have been exploring 'instructions.' Children kindly brought in their own board games and used the appropriate terminology to explain the rules to each other. 
In Bannister class we celebrated 'Red Nose Day' for comic relief. The children raised over 100 pounds throughout school: a great day was had by all!
Please note: there will be a year 6 SAT'S talk on Thursday 28th March at 3:30pm. During the meeting, the SAT's timetable, process and subsequent levels will be discussed. There will also be an opportunity for adults to ask any questions. 
Bannister Class Victorian Topic Planning 
Homework: 8/3/19 : children to revise year 5/6 spellings. Complete conversion of measurements activity. 

Year 6 SAT's Booster clubs:

Tuesday dinner : handwriting club

Thursday after school: maths,reading, spelling club

Friday before school: maths booster club

Bannister class had a magical day dressing up for World Book day: children came dressed as their favourite book character and participated in book activities. A big thank you to all adults who supported their children with some maagnificent costumes. 

Bannister class children made a welcome return back to The Farthings. I magical time was had by all. 

This week we celebrated World Book Day: the children came to school in an amazing array of costumes. A massive 'thank you' to all adults who supported their children in this. 
Bannister Class have had an inspirational morning sharing their books with the Farthings residential residents.  

A big thank you to Amelia Arbon for organising the Guide Dog assembly. The children were amazed by Amelia's continual fund raising effort and the special guest she organised: Rose Gibbons and her beautiful guide dog Vicki. 

The children had an amazing time at Young Voices this week. The children were a credit to the school and sang their hearts out. It was an amazing day,that will leave amazing memories for all who took part in it. A big thank you to all adults who supported their children during this amazing event. 
Bannister class had an amazing launch to their Victorian topic: children went back in time to experience life in a Victorian classroom. The children participated fully and enjoyed a unique. educational experience. 
Bannister class has produced some amazing 'Project' homework based on Victorian children. A big thank you to all adults who supported the children in this.

Welcome back! We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas break.

Our new class topic is Children in Victorian times: to launch this exciting new topic the children will explore what it would be like to be part of a Victorian classroom. This will take place on Tuesday 8th January ( the first day back) Could you please send your child with a change of clothes. These could include: dark trousers, blue,grey, black dresses, shawls, hats (including flat caps) white shirts etc... Thank you for your continued support.   

We had a great two days performing Christmas Carols at Bassetlaw Hospital and the Farthings Residential Care home. The children were amazing and sung like Angels!!! A big thank you to Mrs Pashley, Mrs Woodsford, Mrs Wade, Mrs Evans, Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Greaves. 
Holiday Homework: Bannister children will be sent home homework packs to do during the winter holidays. These will include Christmas Maths problems ( year 6 will also be sent home a Maths SAT's paper) and a homework project. This is linked to our new topic of Victorians. If the children can produce a project linked to the area of Victoria Children. 

Bannister Class had a wonderful Christmas party, shared with Hillary class. A big thank you to all parents who organised food for the party. Santa also managed to find time in his busy schedule to come to!!! 

Bannister class and Tyndale class gave a wonderful performance during the Nativity evening. A big thank you to all parents who supported us during our celebration : with learning lines, songs and providing costumes. A big thank you to Mrs Woodsford, Mrs Arbon and Mrs Fife for giving up their time and expertise to support the show.  
Bannister Class had a wonderful day working with Divergent theatre group at Drama and performance techniques.