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Be the best you can be

Bannister Class

Bannister Summer Homework
Bannister demonstrated their singing talents at the Farthings, by wishing Harry a happy 99th!! birthday!! A big thank you to all parents who helped us transport the children up to the Farthings. 
The Year 6 had a lovely leavers dinner today. A big thank you for the parents who attended the meal! We would like to thank Kim for creating a beautiful table setting to eat the dinner off.

Guitar Piece

Bannister class performance of 'Splash' was a great success!!! Mrs Greaves and myself were very proud of all the children. They were a credit to our School!

A big thank you to all parents, grandparents and adults for creating such wonderful costumes!!!


More great photographs from 'Splash' kindly taken by Dr Thornton on behalf of the school.

Bannister Class To Perform 'Splash.' 

On Tuesday 18th July, Bannister class (years 4,5,6 who are normally in Bannister class) will be performing 'Splash.'

We would be most grateful if parents could support their children in learning their lines for the production. Homework for the next 3 weeks will be learning lines and gathering together costumes. If you need any support in sourcing the costumes for your child please don't hesitate to contact the Bannister team.  Thank you for your continued support! 

Our Visit To The Deep

We had a great visit on Wednesday 14th June to the Deep. Please see our fabulous class photographs.

Guitar Practice Music from Adam

After awesome work with Mr Thornton on the Ukulele's, we are now progressing to learning the guitar, with Adam, our school guitar teacher. As you can see the children are working immensely  hard ! We have a lot of musical talent in Bannister class! 

A big 'Thank You' to all parents, grandparents and family who supported their children with their fantastic 'Under the Blue Abyss' homework. 
Have a happy Easter from everyone in Bannister class!

Easter Homework

Our new topic after Half term will be 'Under The Blue Abyss.'

Can you produce a project based on this?

Let your imagination run wild and explore! 

Hi, everyone, this week the year 6 children will come home with a S.A.T's revision pack, consisting of previous years S.A.T's papers. If you could please support your child in answering some of the questions that would be kindly appreciated. If there are any questions you need help on, please don't hesitate to contact me. Year 5 home work this week will consist of spellings and fraction and decimal work. 


Please note next week will be year 6 mock S.A.T's week. This will provide the children with an opportunity to experience last years official S.A.T's in a test situation in the school hall. From this children will experience the official S.A.T like conditions and will have an insight into what it will be like. 


Year 6 drop-ins will start first day back after the Easter break. I will be available from 8 am, Monday to Thursday to support any year 6 child who wants support on any specific area of the S.A.T's.  

This week we have been exploring and making the planets from the solar system. The children have been having great fun using Paper Mache  to create the various planets. 
Team Bannister  had an awesome trip to the National Space Center on Monday 27th February.  The children were fully engaged, learned lots of 'hands on facts' about Space and behaved impeccably.  

Welcome Back To Spring Term Two

I hope you and your children have had a fabulous half term break?

I would just like to take this opportunity to celebrate the effort and time your children have put into their half term homework. The classroom looks 'Out of this World' with all the fab homework based on Space.

A big thank you to all family members who helped their children with their amazing homework!!!


Journey Through Space

After half term our great new topic will be Space!!!

We will launch our topic by visiting the National Space Center.

This will be on Monday 27th February.  The children will get to immerse themselves in every aspect of Space and Beyond. 


In Literacy this term we will be covering the writing genres of Reports, Information texts and Balanced arguments. These will be linked to our topic of Space.



In Numeracy this term we will be looking at Fractions, Percentages and Decimals. We will explore the use of co-ordinates and re-visit our skills using the 4 number operations.  On Friday Mr Fotheringham will work with the class on problem solving skills, mental maths work and the skills of being able to access assessment material. If you could please continue to support your children on their times table practice, that would be most appreciated. 



Reading this term will incorporate many Non Fiction and Guided reading  texts based around Space. Children read daily and any reading you can do at home with your child would be most beneficial and supportive.  On a Friday Mr Fotheringham will be teaching the children inference and deduction skills, to develop their ability to access and interpret reading texts.  

Journey Through Space 

To launch our next topic of ‘Journey Through Space’ we would like you to create a Space project. This could include a model of the planets, posters or even a model of a rocket. Let your imagination run wild. Remember the sky is not the limit!

Walk to Derwent Water

9am Room Check !!! - Day 2


Getting Waterproofs !!!!

Lunch on Day 1

Bannister class superstars are currently working with Mr Thornton, on learning how to play the Ukulele. Come and look at the amazing results.

Have a look at our fabulous models based on Roller coaster rides. The children had great fun, making them!

Bannister Class Homework 


Please note that homework is set every Thursday .

Year 5/6 spellings will be set . Also a piece of Numeracy homework based on the class work of that particular week will also be set. no

Welcome back. I hope you have had a restful Christmas break.


To any parents I haven't yet met, may I take this opportunity to introduce myself.


My name is Mr Furnival and I am looking forward to take Bannister class on an exciting journey of discovery.


If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me here at Gamston. 


Please watch this space to see the exciting topics we will cover:


Spring 1 Rollercoasters


Spring 2 Journey Through Space


Summer 1 Under The Blue Abyss 


Exciting News

Class trip to the Space Centre in Lecistershire.

We will be going on Monday 27th February.

A trip letter will be coming home soon. 

Au Revoir

Thank you so much to everyone for your wishes and generous gifts as I prepare for my next chapter in France. 

I have loved being at Gamston school and will forever carry happy memories from there.



This week, in English lessons, we are revising instructions.  Yesterday we followed instructions to learn how to play board games we hadn't played before, today we followed some more to learn how to play new card games.  We all enjoyed the new games, our favourite was "Sevens."

An afternoon at Gamston Airport.

On October the 12th we all went off to the local airport for the afternoon.  We were greeted by Charles who took us to the lounge which overlooks the apron and runway.  He answered lots of our questions and, in groups, took us up to visit Steve in the control tower.  The fire crew performed a practice "timed response" for us right outside the lounge and we noted how quickly they did this.  Chris Stringer took us out to see a Cessna 152 at close quarters and we identified all the parts of the plane we learned about yesterday.  Despite the rain we had an interesting and exciting afternoon.  Thank you to those parents who transported us there and a big thank you to Chris and the staff at the airport for accommodating us and providing welcome drinks and biscuits. 

So how does an aeroplane fly? 


Mr Stringer came in today to explain how an aeroplane flys.  He demonstrated the 4 forces needed - gravity, lift, thrust and drag - how the aeroplane generates these forces and explained the 3 motions of a plane - pitch, roll and yaw.  We had a fun time imitating these forces ourselves; William demonstrated gravity while Francesca and Jessica generated lift showing that we need more lift to get a plane off the ground.  Max then tried to equal a drag force against the thrust generated by Nelly and Elizabeth.  We used skate boards to demonstrate that force is proportional to mass.  

We will see and experience more tomorrow at Gamston airport.  Looking forward to it. 

How does an aeroplane fly?

Would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon?


We all had great fun working with papier mache recently.  Some of our balloons deflated a little early. some lost their baskets but it was all enjoyable.  

Pray for Peace

The whole school was invited to spend the afternoon at Eaton Hall on World Pray for Peace Day - 21st September. 


We arrived on a double decker bus, separated into groups and each group went off for an activity.  Bannister class went with Angela who reminded us of the story of Noah, the dove he sent out, which is now used as a symbol of peace, and the rainbow created by God as  promise for us all.  We made origami doves.  We walked to Eaton church  where we shared what we had done, sang a rousing hymn and prayed together for peace.  When we arrived back at the hall we were greeted by an exceedingly generous buffet to round off our time there.


A big thank you to everyone at Eaton Hall for their warm welcome and generosity.  We had a wonderful time.  


Katie and Nelly, gymnastic routine.

Katie and Nelly performed a wonderful gymnastic routine for us today.  Mr Fotheringham explained that the school is hoping to send some gymnasts to take part in an inter school festival later in the term.


Well done, you two, Tokyo Olympics here we come!  

Welcome back to our new school year.


Bannister class will be a bit of a mix this term;mornings will be years 5 and 6 studying English and maths, and the afternoons will be years 4, 5 and 6 when we will be studying topic work, R.E. , science, French, P.E., art and DT.  




This coming term we will be looking at classic fiction focusing on Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories.  

Our school targets for English this year are to improve handwriting, spelling and reading.  Handwriting and spelling are part of the end of year 6 SAT assessments so good practice needs to be established from the start.  The weekly award for writing is to be replaced with a handwriting award.  Children will be given weekly spellings on a Wednesday to be tested the following week.  Most children successfully learn these spellings for the test, the aim is to incorporate correct spelling into writing.  Reading assessment is completed regularly and is more on the lines of "comprehension" as many of us remember.  I shall concentrate on the skills for this and I ask all parents to encourage the children to continue free reading at home.  




Three cheers for the abolition of the Y6 times table online test!  However, all children do still need to know tables  and will be tested weekly.  The coming term will be spent extending addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, decimals and measures - rapid table recall is a very useful tool to aid calculations in almost all of these.




Our topic this coming half term is "Flight."  We shall investigate the history of flight, the science behind how it happens and hopefully a trip to Gamston airfield where the children will be able to experience first hand how an aeroplane flies.  Help with transport would be great in order to keep costs to an absolute minimum.  I will keep you informed about this.  This topic is heavily based on science.  




This term we will be studying Jewish religion and customs.  




P.E. and games will be on Thursdays and Fridays so please ensure your child/children have a named kit in school for those days.  These sessions will include the year 4s.  



Special Mentions - week ending 21 July 2017

Special Mentions - week ending 14 July 2017