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Gamston Church of England Primary School

Be the best you can be


Be the Best you can be!

Well done, all the children of Bannister class.  Two fabulous performances, you were indeed the best you could be. 

End of year performance

On Tuesday this week, the year 5s lead an assembly.  They chose Usain Bolt as their theme following my theme about famous and influential people.  They selected pictures and made a powerpoint presentation, asked questions, chose a hymn and then lead the prayers.

Well done year 5s. 

Y5 assembly

A fabulous day at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Scrapheap Challenge

Special Mentions - week ending 15 July 2016

Special Mentions - week ending 8 July 2016

Elm Tree

On the sheltered corner of our school grounds we have a disease resistant elm tree. It is part of a national project to reintroduce these trees after their destruction from Dutch Elm Disease.  Yesterday we went out to measure its progress to post statistics onto the national website.  It's growing well!  

Spring has arrived!

At the end of last term we celebrated the homework the children had completed about the USA.  Well done, fantastic work again.

This term we have the Y6 tests fast approaching.  (Year 4 and 5 children will also be tested later in the term.} They will take place all week beginning on the 9th May.  It would be helpful if the children could eat breakfast as this helps concentration, breakfast is available at school from 8 o'clock.  We will provide snacks and water.  Please try not to pressure the children, they are progressing well and I only expect them to do their best; the government still don't know what the standards will be, these will be decided after all the Y6 children have completed the tests and then scores will be collated.  

The Y6s are also working on a transition English unit, a short film, ready to continue when they move to secondary school.  The whole class is joining in and so far it is proving to be interesting and exciting.  

Our topic for this term is "Off With Her Head" based on Anne Boleyn.  

Maths, spellings, reading, science, art and DT - the latter two focussing on our topic - will continue as usual. 


A selection of our USA projects.

Homework reminder


Could all children bring in their homework for this term by Thursday next week please, 24th.  


The children want to stage another showcase of theit work to which you are invited on Wednesday the 31st March.   They can then take their work home after this event.


Thank you. 

Happy mothers' day to all our mums and carers

World Book Day

Welcome back to the second half of the Spring term. 


Revision sessions

I shall be leading revision sessions for Y6 SAT tests on Tuesdays after school for about half an hour.  I realise that this clashes with some arrangements already made but this was the most popular day for these.  It would be good if all Y6s could come to at least some of them to revise skills and be test ready in May.  These will continue until test week in May.



This term we are studying the USA.  I have discussed with the children what they would like to do as their project - powerpoint presentations, investigations about American Indians, the biography of an Iconic American (not a pop star please) and models of famous buildings.  Please continue to learn and revise spellings and times tables.


Thank you. 


What a fabulous showcase of the children's work about Normans.  Thank you to all parents who helped achieve this. It was great to see so many parents and carers on Tuesday and Wednesday to share the children's success.


Next term it's a "Road Trip to USA."  The children all agreed that they enjoyed this past term's homework project so they will be completing a similar one again next term.


Enjoy your week off.


This term I would like to try something a bit different for homework which I have discussed with the children.  Rather than send home a weekly maths or English worksheet I would like the children to produce something about our topic.  This term our topic is 1066; anything about this is acceptable.  Perhaps collect boxes and cartons and make a model of a Norman castle or church, draw, sketch or paint a picture illustrating some aspect of the Normans.  For those who are not so artistic, draw a relevant map of settlements or battles, find a pre-made picture of a castle and label and explain the various parts; produce an information sheet or leaflet about the Normans or even a PowerPoint presentation.  All children can then work to their strengths and hopefully enjoy this project.  All work should be brought into school by the 5th February so we can organise a display of their efforts.  Please come in to see the work the following Tuesday after school or first thing on the Wednesday morning.  I will take lots of photos for those who are unable to pop in. 


Spellings, reading and times tables continue to be part of our daily learning and I hope that you will encourage your children to learn and extend these.


Thank you. 


Happy new year to everyone and welcome back to school.


I am delighted to be at Gamston again, this time with Bannister class.  We welcome 3 new pupils; Maddison, Jasmine and Lukas.


This coming term we will be investigating and analysing recount writing in English and will consolidate these skills within our history topic, chosen by the children, 1066.  


For maths we will continue to revise and extend skills in all areas especially basic arithmetic and times tables which are now tested, or soon will be, at the end of Y6.  Please use every opportunity to "chant" tables and ask quick questions with your children so that they know them, not just able to work them out; fast recall is needed.  


In R.E. we will be looking at and discussing special places, not just those used for worship but anywhere that is a special place for all of us.  


P.E., games and French will be covered on Thursdays and Fridays.  


Please feel welcome to come in at the end of the day to discuss any questions you may have.  

frown Welcome to Bannister Class frown

To find out more about what we are learning in Bannister Class this year, please see the curriculum overview below.


Please make sure you spend time learning your timestables to give you more confidence in Maths. We will be begin by focusing on place value in Maths before moving on to addition and subtraction. In Bannister class we learn a range of different strategies including written and mental methods, to give children the chance to use a strategy that works for them, as well as encouraging them to use the most appropriate method for the question. 


In our class we have weekly Maths investigations. This week the class investigated how accurate they can be in their estimates. Bannister estimated and then measured a variety of things including the lengths of different objects, capacities and timings. 

Estimating and measuring investigation

Albert Square Investigation

Explaining our methods to the class

Now we have been working on different methods to multiply and divide. Please continue to practise at home.

Year 5 and 6 have also been learning how to use BODMAS to help work out the order of operations.

We have covered fractions and percentages and we are now looking at data handling. 


Our first English unit this term is Narrative Poetry. The class will be looking closely at a range of narrative poems, identifying all the features and literary techniques, before writing their own.


Bannister have done lots of work on The Highwayman and have produced some fantastic work! We have looked at different writers' tools and figurative language like: similes, personification, metaphors, alliteration, onomatopoeia and repetition.

Please come and look at our display outside the classroom which shows some of the amazing descriptive writing we produced, and the narrative poems we wrote about different wild animals.


Persuasive writing

We have read a range of quality texts covering issues about recycling and pollution including The Tin Forest, The Varmints and the Paperbag Prince. The class have also watched and reviewed a short film (The Varmints). We have examined a selection of persuasive writing (letters, posters, leaflets) to find out how to make a text persuasive. Bannister are writing their own letters to persuade local people to recycle more and litter less.


Significant authors

In Bannister we have studied various books by Philip Pullman. We read the opening to 'The Northern Lights' and compared this to the opening of 'The Golden Compass' (the film based on the book). The children have written setting descriptions and chosen and described daemons for people they know. We have also read the story 'Clockwork.' We have written a summary of the story and have looked at a graphic novel written by Philip Pullman, before dividing 'Clockwork' into different parts and working in groups to turn this into a graphic novel. Now we are learning how to turn a narrative into a play script.

Writer of the Week

Each week a child in each class will be presented with a certificate for Writer of the Week during Special Mentions Assembly. It will be awarded for exceptional writing and a reason will be given to explain why this child has won the award. Their work will be displayed on the special Writer of the Week board in the corridor.


Our first winner was:

Leo for more independent writing. Leo has written some fantastic pieces so far this term, especially impressive as he worked so independently.

On Friday Roman was writer of the week. His amazing descriptive writing is worth a read - see the writer of the week display board in the main corridor.

Congratulations to Emma  for being awarded writer of the week for her super descriptive writing.

Well done Kiran for impressive progress and description in her writing.

Super work from Hermione all term meant she won writer of the week for her consistency and effort.

This week Amelia's beautiful figurative language in her story opening led to her being awarded writer of the week.

Emma was awarded writer of the week for the increased sophistication in her writing.

Well done to Francesca for using more complex sentences in her writing.

Suhaib's play script showed a huge improvement in his writing. Well done!


Will it be you next week? What do you need to do in your writing to be Writer of the Week?

Topic: Alchemy Island


Our first topic this term is called: Alchemy Island. The class are beginning with a homework challenge - to make a scale model or interesting drawing of the map of the island. They might choose to focus on one particular part of the island, or the whole map. We are looking forward to seeing their creations!


Well done for some super homework! It looks fantastic on display in the classroom. The children have produced a wide variety of work including scale drawings of the whole or part of the island, models, collages and drawings. Please feel free to come and admire all their lovely work.

Alchemy Island Maps

We are reading a class book each day which links to our topic: Shadow Forest. This is a fantasy novel. The class are going to write their own fantasy stories. We have discussed portals and looked at other books which contain portals. Can you think of any? The children have looked carefully at school and have chosen some potential portals for their own stories. Hopefully no one will disappear into a fantasy world after going near any of them!


Portals around school

We have started writing our own fantasy stories. The children have got off to a great start and some will be available to read soon on the website.


This week we discovered a range of contaminated water samples from the Bottomless Well on Alchemy Island. The class worked in groups to identify each sample and work out how to contaminate it. The children used processes of filtration, evaporation and sieving to improve the water quality.

Contaminated water experiment

We have enjoyed examining, identifying and drawing different semi-precious gem stones from the Gem Well on Alchemy Island. The children worked really hard to look closely at each one and were able to share their existing knowledge (see photos below).


We have learnt about and written some super Cinquain poems.


In our topic we have learnt more about co ordinates and when they are used. We have recapped how to use simple co ordinates and can now use 6 figure grid references. We used the grid references to navigate our way around the island, and used these to write instructions and descriptions of how to travel around the island.


Bannister have investigated a wide range of samples from the island, carrying out various tests on each one. For example, looking at the state, transparency, hardness, testing if it is an electrical conductor as well as testing if it is magnetic. We had lots of fun looking at samples from the weird and wonderful parts of the island: Copper Nook, Gem Well, Fogwind Swamp, Rainbow Dunes, Silver Shingle Beach, Steel Mines, Glass Peak Mountains and Crystal Hedge Forest. Can you identify the different terrains from our photos? 

Investigating different terrains from Alchemy Island


This term we will be learning about Beliefs and Questions and inspirational people. The quality of discussions in Bannister class has been very impressive.


Bannister have been learning about Christian beliefs about God. We looked carefully at God as the Creator. We have also considered Christian beliefs of Jesus.

This week we were learning about the significance of the Last Supper. There were some very knowledgeable children in the class and we had some great discussions. Well done Bannister class!

We have been learning how to navigate our way around the Bible, finding different Bible references and more about what Christians believe. We have used the Bible to read different parables, retelling them in our own words and discussing why Jesus told each parable and what he was teaching his disciples.

The class have thought of some really difficult questions that Christians sometimes ask themselves, and have thought of super reasons and answers to help restore faith.

Bannister have thought carefully about the words in the Lord's Prayer and have discussed and written about what each line means, why we say it and what this tells us about Christian beliefs. 


We have also been learning more about Ramadan and Eid. Some children from our class kindly shared their knowledge and answered questions about how they celebrated. Well done to the whole class for showing interest and enthusiasm. Thank you to Suhaib, Kiran, Maleeha, Jamila and Hanzala for sharing more about what they do to celebrate and for bringing in some of their special clothes and items to show us.

Learning about Eid



While some of our Science will be taught within topic lessons, the class will also have stand alone Science lessons this term, covering a range of important scientific topics.


ELECTRICITY is the first Science topic this term.

Bannister class are also learning about ANIMALS INCLUDING HUMANS.

Experimenting with circuits


This term we will be completing lots of artwork through our topics.

This week we have been drawing animals to match our descriptive writing in English. The class are writing narrative poems about animals, based on their reading of several other narrative poems, and their work is on display outside our classroom. Please come and see it!


We have enjoyed finding out more about Eid this week. Thank you to all the children in our class who shared their own knowledge and experiences. We enjoyed asking questions about this celebration and seeing the special clothes that different children wear. After discussion about Eid and Ramadan we created our own Eid pictures. These involved mixing paints and producing a card silhouette. Some of our art work is beautiful! These will be on display soon outside the Purple room.


We have made some detailed drawings of a range of semi-precious gem stones.


Well done to the whole class for designing and creating some amazing Dia de los Muertos skulls. These are on display in the classroom if you would like to come and admire them. 

In our Mexico topic we have looked at Maya carvings and stelae. Now we are designing our own to make out of clay.

Mayan Stelae and Carvings



This term we are going to be learning some Spanish! Children will be learning a range of useful vocabulary to enable them to hold basic conversations. They will be able to ask and answer questions in Spanish. In addition we will be covering a topic named Hola Mexico, learning more about Spanish speaking countries, as well as learning more about the culture and country of Spain.


We have learnt some basic language so far this term including greetings and how to explain how we feel and what our names are.


We had great fun trying out our Mexican dancing! We listened to El Jarabe Tapatio (also known as The Mexican Hat Dance) and identified the instruments used. Then after watching some versions of Mexicans dancing, we had a go ourselves trying to use the same dance steps. See the videos below of our super efforts.

We have also looked at and sang another Mexican song: La Cucaracha. The class are working in groups to write their own versions of the song, along with using instruments, to perform the song.


We have learnt how to count in Spanish and use numbers in conversations. Now we are learning vocabulary related to our families. 


The class can now talk more confidently in Spanish, using the vocabulary we have learnt in their questions and answers. This week we have learnt about animals and the related vocabulary. We have enjoyed playing animal pairs to improve our grasp of the language.


Bannister class have looked at carvings and stelae from the Maya people. We are designing our own to make out of clay next week.


Spanish Pairs

Mexican dancing

Still image for this video

Mexican dancing

Still image for this video

Mexican dancing

Writing our own Mexican songs


This term Year 4 will be continuing swimming lessons on Fridays and so will need to ensure they have their swimming kit in school every Friday. Other PE lessons will take place on Wednesday and Thursday and all children in the class need to make sure they have their full PE kit (trainers, a white t-shirt and either blue shorts or tracksuit bottoms and a blue jumper). Children will not be able to participate in PE if they do not have their PE kit with them.



The class are enjoying trying out their skills in hockey.



So far Bannister have been working on the different passes in netball. They have learnt about the different positions and are showing increasing confidence in playing netball matches.



The class have enjoyed increasing their skills in Dodge ball when the weather has not allowed for outdoor PE.



Bannister have started their new PE topic of football.



The class are enjoying improving their skills in gymnastics with Mrs Law this term.




Year 4 enjoyed their first swimming lesson and are looking forward to more each Friday.

Leadership Day

Christmas has arrived in Bannister Class! The children really enjoyed decorating the classroom together.

Decorating the classroom

Christmas fun in Bannister class


Bannister class will receive homework once a week. It will be given out on WEDNESDAYS and needs to be handed in on TUESDAYS. It will normally include some English and Maths homework as well as a list of spelling words to learn. On occasion it might involve different subjects, or might include a project which would be expected to reflect a longer piece of work, completed over a number of weeks. Children will be responsible for collecting their own homework and handing it in, completed, on time. If they are away from school it is their responsibility to remember to collect their homework from the tray and hand it in when it is completed. If children are finding the homework difficult, I will always be available to discuss it with them, but they must bring it to me before the day it should be handed in.

Children will also be expected to read every evening at home. This might include reading a few pages/chapters of their guided reading book but they should also be reading widely at home for enjoyment.

Please remember that children should know their timestables and this forms a weekly requirement to practice until they are confident.