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Balanced Arguments

At the moment we are writing balanced arguments. Here is an example of what we have written so far:



Should children wear school uniform?


Many schools think that children should wear uniform because it shows that they are part of their schools. However some people would argue that children should be allowed to wear their own clothes so they look different to each other.


Firstly some people think that you should wear a uniform in school because it looks smart for at school. In addition it is smart because you are part of the school. Some people at Gamston School think it makes it easier for children in the morning because you don't have to decide what to wear. People think if you wear uniform it stops people bullying because they are wearing the same clothes as more children in schools in Britain.


On the other hand some people at Gamston School think they should not wear school uniform. They think they should wear what they want to wear because uniform is not fashionable. In addition some children think they should wear football kit at playtime because then they can play football at playtime. In Finland they do not wear school uniform and they have the most fantastic highest grades in the world. 


By Will